2019 Festival Details

2019 Steering Committee Members

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gallery/capa celebrasian poster

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CelebrASIAN cap today $13!

gallery/celbrasian mock up charcoal grey hat

Adam Chan
Alice Liu
Antony Wong
David Chin
David Rances
Doris Ling-Cohan
Eunice Chen

Frank Poon
Gee-Wey Yue
George Hirose
Georges Bridges
Ginny Myung
Gregory Hom
Jeanine Wong

Jenny Chin
Julie Azuma
June Jee
Kate Rigg
Kathleen W. Lee
Lamgen Leon
Lisa Gold

Lisa Ly
Lisa Tai
Mae Lee
Melinda Chu
Michael Dong
Myrna Gabriel
Olympia Moy

Reema Sharma
Samantha Yeung
Samantha Zhang
Stephen Chen
Steve Warren
Wellington Chen
Yin Kong

Pay for your cap today $13.00 through PayPal and pick up at the CAPA booth on Sun, May 19th from 11am-4pm.


We will be at the "front" of the festival on Canal St and Mott St. Any change in location, we will let you know. 


Please bring your ID or some form of identification when retrieving your cap.